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MSPCA is where you:

    • Learn from one another
    • Connect with other cleaners and restorers
    • Share knowledge with fellow members
    • Grow personally and professionally

Don’t go it alone. The members of MSPCA stand shoulder-to-shoulder to help one another learn and grow. We are committed to education, IICRC certification, networking, and helping you improve the quality of your life and business. With a combined total of over 750 years in the industry, our members have the expertise to help one another succeed.


Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association is a non-profit association of specialists dedicated to providing high quality services to their customers in the art of cleaning and restoration. We give every member support toward this goal.

With MSPCA, you join an alliance where:

          • Becoming better in business is our Pursuit
          • Sharing knowledge and expertise is Essential
          • Commitment to high ethics is the Standard
          • Caring about community is a Priority
          • Checking egos at the door fosters Cooperation

If you’re looking for partners in business who are committed to these same principles, we’re looking for you.


MSPCA was founded in 1974 by Dick Bernson, a hard-working pioneer in cleaning and a man known for his generosity and willingness to help others. Back then, Dick saw the need for a way to bring cleaners together, so they could help one another provide quality services with integrity and professionalism. So, he invited a few cleaners, along with some suppliers, to find out how to make his vision a reality. Bob Pakrul recalls Dick inviting him to an early meeting, eating bologna sandwiches with his wife, hoping to become as successful as Dick was. At that meeting Dick became a mentor and friend, always willing to help with any question he had or teach a new cleaning technique. Since then, MSPCA has expanded to include cleaners and restorers, but its mission and code of ethics remain the same. 

Our meetings are a time to share and learn from one another, to help local owners better manage their businesses and grow personally and professionally. MSPCA is not backed by one supplier, so our support of any techniques or products comes from personal success only. We are cleaners helping cleaners.


Member Support

Who better to go to for business advice than other successful business owners in the industry? Join other members who share their knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business. MSPCA professionals have a wealth of information and resources to share. We are cleaners helping cleaners.

Networking Opportunities

The best of the best in our industry are available for networking at our Regional Meetings, all willing to help you grow your business. MSPCA hosts two meetings per yearin March and October. These are prime times to connect with other cleaners, restorers, and suppliers, ask questions, discuss relevant topics and share information.

Continuing Education

Throughout the year, we keep you informed and knowledgeable through monthly communication, meetings/conferences, and training on a variety of business topics such as marketing, human resources, leadership, industry updates, best practices, and technical advancements. MSPCA participation is also one of the most cost-efficient means to obtain your CE credits.

Active Committees

Our association is governed by our Board of Directors. Our committees allow you to participate in the decisions that impact our members and industry. Working committees include Education, Membership, Industry Awareness, Membership Directory, and Programs & Activities.

Ready to become a member? Fantastic! Learn more.

Karen Clendening

Executive Director
Office: (727) 735-3232

Email: director@mymspca.org

5603-B West Friendly Ave.

PMB 289

Greensboro, NC 27410

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